High quality finishes and optimum ergonomics for a perfect harmony

Superior comfort that provides better manoeuvrability and effectiveness in shooting action


The most reliable and best performing line

One of the many qualities of the Browning B725s is that they are perfectly balanced, which allows excellent performance in clay pigeon shooting and hunting.

The balance of each over and under is improved still further by its handmade quality, which makes each gun a one-of-a-kind piece.

The B725 is so well-balanced in your hands that you forget what you are holding, since it becomes an extension of yourself, allowing you to concentrate completely on your target, whether it is game or a clay.

Each B725 uses a patented action frame made of indestructible forged steel, with the oversized hinge pin that is typical of Browning and that guarantees solidity and resistance to wear.

Browning is so sure of this system that the action frame of each over and under comes with a 10-year warranty. The hinge pin of the B725 assures particularly precise opening and closing. Without having to push it every time, you can literally feel the mechanism locking inside.

Hand-manufactured for style and guaranteed performance

The Browning B725 is not mass produced; instead, each product is made individually starting from its own unique components.

It moves from one gunsmith to the next to be entirely made by hand, thanks to the expertise acquired over many years by each of the gunsmiths.

It takes more than 4 months to make a Browning B725, owing to the attention required for the assembly of each over and under.

The Browning B725 is the only over and under on the market in this price range that offers so many different options and that is hand finished.

The over and under produced in this way is unique and has a level of quality so that it matches perfectly to its owner and provides him with the reliability and longevity that are Browning’s trademarks.

This time-tested manufacturing method is different from all the others on the market since our highly qualified gunsmiths rely solely on their own expertise and knowledge to make your B725.

The result is a product that is absolutely one-of-a-kind and whose parts are not interchangeable with those of other B725s.

It is said that our gunsmiths give each B725 “a little bit of their soul”, which makes each one unique; all of the elements of the over and under are fitted with such precision that each B725 performs as you would expect it to time after time.

During every stage of manufacture, extreme care is given to make an over and under that sets the standard for all over and under, which includes the finely adjusted trigger pull weight that always meets our specific criteria for optimal performance.

Hand fitted to create the best there is

Browning’s gunsmiths take their time when making a B725.

This is the only over and under on the market at this price level that is hand fitted during production to such a high performance level, making each product truly unique.

Traditional red ochre is used to check that the fit between the action frame and barrels is perfect. This method is the best procedure to guarantee a perfect fit between all the parts in wood and metal. It literally allows the gunsmith to “look into” the over and under. The needed adjustments are made by hand, one by one, to ensure that the Browning B725 sets the standard for all other over and under.

The attention to detail in the making and fitting of each and every Browning B725 is unique, just like the “Browning feeling” as the locking pins meet when you close your action frame.

It makes such a reassuring, perfect sound that it gives you the desire to go out and shoot.

A choice of wood grades and buttstock options

Each stock is made using specially selected walnut sourced from renewable forests in Europe and a choice of grades are available from 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5.

The grade of walnut used on your Browning B725 depends on the level of finish for the over and under that you decide to purchase.

Different choices of grip are available, including a pistol grip, a round pistol grip, an English grip, and the “Short” version; but there is also a choice of different drops in the great diversity of stocks on offer.

Each stock is traditionally chequered providing additional control whilst shooting. The time and care taken over the fitting of the stock to each B725 ensures that each and every over and under is perfectly balanced.

Recognising that we are all different, Browning also produces a B725 that is suitable for left-handed shooters, and adjustable triggers with 3 different positions are provided on all Sporting models.


Every single B725, as with all Browning products, undergoes extremely stringent quality checks that include manual inspections and measurements, up to actually firing each and every gun to check that the shot patterns meet our exacting accuracy standards.

Additionally, it is supported by using computerised analysis to guarantee proper functioning and extreme reliability in each product.

So when you are out in the field, you can be assured that the over and under you are using will never let you down.

Back-bored barrels

Browning delivers the secret of the pros to you: BACK-BORED barrels

Better impacts, increased shot speed: complementary features to get your targets. A barrel is said to be ”back bored” when its interior diameter (diameter of the bore) has been increased beyond the classical specifications:

  • Increase in speed and penetration
  • Recoil reduction: -6%
  • Improvement of patterning

All B725 barrels equipped with Invector or Invector+ chokes have been proofed with high-performance steel pellets.

When you buy a Browning B725, you are not just buying the heritage and experience of more than 90 years of excellence; you are also buying an over and under that represents the 5th generation of the legendary B25.

The B25 was the first over and under ever created! Since its creation in 1925, it has been copied many times, but its efficiency and solidity have never been equaled.