Gamme Pro

 Pro Master Adjustable

Every day you will find shooters at clay grounds everywhere consolidating the reputation for excellence of Browning sport shotguns. Our shotguns combine exceptional performance and reliability. The new B725 Pro Master is the latest to join the Pro Sport and Pro Trap in the B725 Pro range. This hybrid shotgun (for use in Sport/Trap) can be adjusted to your body shape and is delivered with a wide range of accessories to help you exceed your objectives.

Pro Trap

Pro Trap High Rib
The B725 Pro Trap High Rib is equipped with Pro Fit Balancer technology, it contributes to giving the finishing touches to the harmony between shooter and gun by proposing a raised battue rib that can be adjusted just as you like : this is the Pro Rib system designed for adjusting the barrels’ point of impact. In addition, with its graduated shim-adjustable comb, its Monte Carlo stock most certainly makes it a really ergonomic firearm.
Pro Trap Inv DS Adjustable
This sports shooting shotgun includes all the special features that made the B725 PRO TRAP a success: the Back Bored Vector Pro barrels, 12 mm top rib, Hi-Viz sights, and a wide selection of 8 Invector DS Extended chokes.

Browning has pushed performance potential to the extreme by adding two striking innovative developments to this famous model’s original qualities, and further enhancing the balance of this over-and-under shotgun that was designed to be an extension of the shooter’s body: a fully adjustable cheek piece; and a stock and barrel assembly with the Pro Stock and Barrel Balancers technologies respectively. The result is a B725 PRO TRAP that is fully… adjustable!

Pro Sport

Pro Sport Adjustable

The B725 Pro range has been designed to provide a perfect gun fit whether you’re shooting sporting or compak

The advanced engineering of its adjustable-comb, cutting edge recoil pad and Invector DS™ Extended chokes are further enhanced by the groundbreaking Pro Balance system that lets you redistribute the weight of the stock and barrels to fine-tune the gun’s balance just the way you want it.