NEW • B725 GAME 12M
Hunter UK Black Gold II 12M
Hunter UK Black Gold II 20M
This B725 is available in both 20-gauge and 12-gauge versions and now comes with a pistol grip butt stock. Its elegant black receiver features new hunting scenes with partridges, prominently highlighted in gold to eye-catching effect, alongside pheasants (12-gauge) and woodcock (20-gauge).
Hunter UK Premium II 12M
Hunter UK Premium II 20M
The 12-gauge and 20-gauge B725 Premium II UK range reach new aesthetic heights
and its contours are honed even further. It sports a new butt stock delightfully complemented by a rounded pistol grip, and the spirit of the feathered game remains eternal through a new series of animal engravings depicting partridges and pheasants on the 12-gauge model, and pheasants and woodcock on the 20-gauge version.
Hunter Premium 12M
The B725 Hunter Premium is the standard version of the B725 line. It is equipped with numerous technical features -Back-bored™ Vector Pro™ barrels associated with Invector DS™ chokes a low action frame and the new generation Inflex II recoil pad. With its tulip fore-end and hunting scene engraving, it will be a delight to use for many years to come.
Hunter Premium 20M
Slim, elegant, this 20-bore B725 is remarkably effective. It’s rapid, accurate swing associated with its Back-bored™ Vector Pro™ barrels and Invector DS™ chokes will give you outstanding performance and perfect balance. This elegant model with its pistol grip is your faithful companion when hunting small game, and will bring you complete satisfaction.
Hunter Light Premium 12M
The B725 Hunter Light Premium perfectly resumes the combination of efficiency weight and design. Its action frame in lightweight aluminium reduces the weight of the gun by over 300g for an even easier swing.
Hunter Light Premium 20M
This 20M calibre weighs in at a total of 2.6kg and is ideal for walked-up hunting. Shouldering, tracking and hitting the target become a single motion, because this gun is a featherweight in the literal sense only.

Its Back-bored™ barrels, five Invector DS™ chokes and 20mm recoil pad are a credit to modern technological progress, while the exquisitely designed nickel plated aluminium receiver and grade-3 walnut woodwork make it an over-and-under shotgun of great distinction.

Hunter G5 12M
This luxury version of the B725 possesses a delicate, entirely hand-finished engraving. Its top-quality grade-5 wood is oil-rubbed. The gun is delivered with a deluxe opaline case for safe and stylish transport.